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Don't Worry

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Ask Jesus to remove any worry By Jason Hartwig Who remembers this popular 80’s song by Bobby McFerrin? It’s such a catchy a capella song which always puts a smile in my face. But these lyrics are easier sung than actually putting into practice… right? After all we have things we “need” to worry about….

Denise Upah

Why Share your Witness?

“If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it” By Denise Upah   When I was first asked to give the CEO talk, all I could wonder was, “Why me? On What?” I am just a quiet person, trying to do and be the best I can. I even had a friend…

Who We Are

We are…Catholic Evangelization!

Catholic Evangelization really isn’t as oxymoronic as it might sound! After all we have been evangelizing since Jesus sent his disciples “to proclaim the kingdom of God.” We are simply friends talking with friends and sharing our own, personal witness of Jesus Christ. How we have come to know Him and how He continues to…

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