Attend a Christian Experience Weekend!

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By Pete Mathison

When is the last time you did a Christian retreat?   Have you ever done a Christian retreat.

I have noticed in life that anytime we find a new restaurant that we love, or a movie that we think everyone should see, or a vacation spot that we know our friends would enjoy, we TELL them ENCOURAGE them to go see or do this specific thing. We even promote it with great passion because it made us feel good and we want our friends to receive that feel good that we did.

If you give yourself a Christian retreat, what you will receive is far more than a fleeting feel good.   Life is a challenge, it is painful, lonely, exhausting to say the least. Spending time with GOD on a two-night Christian Experience weekend retreat, with 40 other women or 40 other men, is life changing.

How is this CEW retreat life changing you may ask? This is difficult to answer because we are all at different places in our spiritual growth and GOD realizes this. GOD knows us far better than we know ourselves and HE knows what we need at this stage of our life. I can promise one thing and that is that you will receive so much more from this weekend because you chose to spend time with GOD.

This weekend is very welcoming to all. It is not intimidating and you will be fed like Queens and Kings. There is an exclusive women’s and men’s weekend. See the link below for the registration form. Change only happens when we decide to change!!! Give this weekend to GOD and watch what will happen.

Women’s Weekend: Feb. 10-12

Men’s Weekend: Feb. 24-26

CEW Registration