To whom much is Given, much is Required

by Pete Mathison

Today’s Gospel from Luke, 12:48, “to whomever much is given much will be required”.  At Mass today Fr Flaherty stated that Jesus is now beginning to get very pointed to each of us on what HE expects.

Much is RequiredWe as Americans have been given so much.  One only needs to watch 30 minutes of world news to see the pain, hunger, strife, destruction that many throughout the world live with each day.

I would challenge us however to look into our own homes, our friends and neighbors, our senior citizens and I believe we will find so much pain, spiritual hunger, strife and even emotional destruction right here in our own country, state and towns.

Luke 12:48 is such a great reminder that GOD knows what you and I have been given because He gave it to us.  He also knows the gifts and talents that He has provided within us to be used to help HIS lost, hurting and frightened sheep.  What are you doing in answer to, “Whomever much is given, much is required”?

Don’t wait, take action and ask our Lord to lead you to the work He specifically wants you to do for HIS kingdom.


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