Lenten Fish Fry Suppers

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Lent is a time of repentance, self-denial and preparation of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The ashes we receive on Ash Wednesday are an outward sign of our inward act of repentance. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and nights. One of the small ways we can honor His sacrifice is by abstaining from meat on the Fridays of Lent. And thus, the tradition of the American Friday Fish Fry was born!

If you are heading out to one of the many fish fry suppers in the Cedar Rapids area tonight, we prepared this guide just for you.

Cedar Rapids Area Fish Fry Suppers

St. Jude Parish Center – 50 Edgewood Rd NW, Cedar Rapids.

Baked or fried Alaskan Pollock, fries and slaw

Located in the beautiful new St. Jude parish center near Edgewood Rd and 1st Ave NW. This is one of the longest running fish fry suppers in the area, hosted by the Knights of Columbus Council #5544. You will find all-you-can eat fried or baked fish and all the trimmings. The KCs added a fish taco to their menu a few years ago and it has become a very popular choice. A new item you’ll find this year is coconut shrimp! While hosted by the Knights, these weekly suppers are truly a parish event with participation from the confirmation candidates, cub scouts and the Show Choir.


St. Patrick Parish Fish Fry – 120 5th St NW, Cedar Rapids

This is probably the largest fish supper in Cedar Rapids with most weeks exceeding 1,000 people served. One thing that makes this supper so popular is undoubtedly the huge Alaskan Walleye fillets served each week. It seems the entire parish is there helping to take orders, getting people seated and quickly served. As what an efficient system they have! Instead of going through a buffet line as most fish fries do, you are given a number and seated at table. When your number is called off you go to the counter and pick up your fresh plate of piping hot fish and choice of potato. You then get your condiments, slaw and beverage from the serving tables. Ice cream and toppings are available for an extra buck or so. Want it to go? The ally between the church and parish center serves as a pick-up lane so you never need to leave your car! A new feature this year is a punch card that saves you money and time.

Columbus Cub #909 – 1620 E Ave NE, Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids’ oldest KC council is still churning out baskets of delicious fried fish at their new location in the “Irish District” just down the street from Mahoney’s bar. You will find all-you-care-to-eat fried or baked fish, potato and slaw and beverage. There is even a full bar in the back in case you would like to enjoy your meal with your favorite mixed drink, wine or beer.

Marion Columbus Club – 5650 Kacena Ave, Marion

Located on Hwy 13, just a ¼ mile north of Culvers’ Custard in Marion. Knights of Columbus council #5390 does a wonderful job serving hundreds of hungry fish-eaters every Friday of Lent. One of the hallmarks of this supper are the yummy homemade desserts. The ladies come in every week to bake up some of the most delicious pies and desserts you’ll find anywhere. It wouldn’t be an official Marion KC event if you didn’t see long-time Knight Dick Makinster there tending bar while popping bottle caps and cracking jokes. Come for the fish and stay for the fun!


Columbus Club 5677 – 810 Vernon Valley Dr SE, Cedar Rapids

Knights of Columbus council 5677 are your hosts for this fish fry supper. You’ll find the banquet hall behind the Casey’s General Store near the corner of Mt. Vernon Rd and Hwy 13 in Cedar Rapids. Great fish and all the trimmings plus a full bar.


Did we miss anything? Please let us know by commenting below so we can keep this guide updated.