Lenten Reflection

Categories: Commentary

Are we fasting for ourselves, or to be closer to Jesus this Lent?

By Pete Mathison

FastingWhy do we fast? Why do we give up something for the 40 days of lent? Have you ever thought to give up anger or resentment? Or to give up Lust?

Do we do it for ourselves or do we do it to draw closer to Jesus Christ who fasted in the desert, being tempted by satan in preparation for his ultimate goal of dyeing for our sins.

Fasting should happen all year and can be a variety of things. Let us look to give up those things that will draw us closer to Jesus this lent as opposed to the things that we feel will help us lose weight, be more healthy. What is your most serious temptation? Pray and give this temptation up for lent as too often temptation separates us from GOD!