The Fish Fry Fanatic

Week four. The Fish Fry Fanatic features a different local fish fry each Friday during Lent. Whether volunteering or just a hungry diner, get out and support a local fish fry this season. It’s a fun way to experience real Christian fellowship!

The fresh baked desserts are a big draw

The fresh baked desserts are a big draw and included with your meal for no extra charge

Y ou gotta love a community dinner that starts with dessert. The first thing you pass in the serving line at the Marion KC fish fry are two 8′ long tables filled with homemade desserts, placed neatly in well labeled rows. You’ll find everything from fruit pies to pineapple upside-down cake. The variety of choices could rival a Las Vegas buffet. The KC wives come in every Thursday morning during Lent to bake the sweet treats so they have cooled and are ready to serve on Friday night. Desserts, sides and beverage are included with every meal and the fish is all you can eat here.

After paying at the window in the foyer, the line snakes all around the perimeter of the serving hall, passing by a portable bar. Dick Makinster was tending bar, serving soft drinks, tap beer, wine and wine coolers. “I love the fact that I can buy a drink while in the serving line. It makes the time pass more quickly,” said Karla Underwood, a first time patron. After the dessert line, you are served your sides including Texas toast, baked or broasted potatoes and coleslaw. The fried fish server loads up your plate using his gloved hands. It may look a little odd but it prevents the tender fillets from breaking apart by not using serving tongs. There is also baked fish and for the fish-phobic there are grilled cheese sandwiches.

When Dick Makinster tends bar, the laughs are free. The beer is still $2.

When Dick Makinster tends bar, the laughs are free. The beer, well that’s just two bucks.

Kitchen crew leader Scott Conrad said they use an Alaskan Pollock fillet lightly coated in a crispy beer batter recipe that has been perfected over the years. The baked fish has a tasty seasoning and is topped with a light breading.  Everyone in our party of six said they thoroughly enjoyed their fish. There’s another serving area for second servings so you don’t have to budge into the main line.

With just under 400 members, the Knight of Columbus Council #5390 is the largest council in the metro area serving the parishes of St. Joseph, St. Pius X and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  It takes about 60 volunteers working two shifts to feed the hungry masses each Friday. There were 487 dinners purchased this week which doesn’t include the free kid’s meals.  Dave and Eileen Van Gorp have been leading the fish fry events for many years. They get things started every Wednesday by picking up the food orders.  Proceeds from the dinners are donated to the parishes and other charities supported by the Knights.

Fish lovers will be happy to see that the fish fries here don’t end after Good Friday. You’ll find a fish fry the third Friday of each month with the exception of the month of December and the three summer months.  Hey, you can catch your own fish in the summer! Whenever you go to the Marion KC fish fry just remember to come hungry!


Endless fish every Friday during lent plus the third Friday most other months.

Mounds of endless fish are served every Friday of Lent except Good Friday. Also the third Friday most other months.

Location: Knight of Columbus Council #5390

Address: 5650 Kacena Ave., Marion

Hours: 5:00 – 7:30 pm, All Fridays during Lent except Good Friday.
Also 3rd Friday of each month (except June, July, August & December)


Adults: $9

Children: (6-10): $4

Age 5 & under: Free







Next week: The new Knights of Columbus #909 hall on E Ave NE.