Evangelization in the Workplace

By John Waldorf I had taken on responsibilities for a new sales territory. I ┬ádid not┬áhave the opportunity to meet this gentleman before we traveled together. The week before we were to travel together a customer informed us that a competitor had quoted substantially below us. On the day we were to meet with our…

Lenten Reflection: Does God ever Desert us?

God does not desert us. In fact, God gave us his only Son to give away his life for us, so that despite our weakness and sin, we would never be alone. When others doubted or misunderstood his call, especially at the end on the cross, Jesus remained faithful.

Come Hungry to the Marion KC Fish Fry

The Fish Fry Fanatic Week four. The Fish Fry Fanatic features a different local fish fry each Friday during Lent. Whether volunteering or just a hungry diner, get out and support a local fish fry this season. It’s a fun way to experience real Christian fellowship! ou gotta love a community dinner that starts with…

Why be Vulnerable?

Pete Mathison was scheduled to give his personal witness of Jesus Christ to a group of local businessmen. Where would he find the courage to face his anxieties and share his true weaknesses with the men he respected?