Prayer Partners support each other’s Faith Lives

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A young man from my parish, who I knew only by sight, attended a CEO event and filled out the CEO information card. On the back, he checked that he would like a faith sharing/prayer partner. The CEO core team reviewed the request and since he and I were from the same parish, they asked me to follow up on it. I called him and set up a time to get together. The result of the first meeting was  another and we’ve been meeting once a week on Tuesday morning for well over a year.

Prayer-LrgInitially, our meetings were getting to know each. We talked a lot about families. He has five kids and lots to share. We shared our past and some of the issues we both had to deal with. We meet for about an hour and at the end we  discuss what we need to pray about, then end the meeting with prayer.

Our current meetings have a much more spiritual dimension than when we began. We are  totally at ease in discussing our faith and the teachings of the Church. He has three older children who are not practicing the faith, so a lot of our prayer time is spent on that issue…Our time together is meaningful to both of us because we support each other.

Recently he attended a CEW weekend and I feel it brought more depth to his faith and renewed his faith in the love and mercy of God. It is my sincere belief that we cannot share our faith each without growing in God’s will for our lives.

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