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Our Next Event will be Sept. 28th at Saint Elizabeth’s.  At this time we are not 100% sure as to what this will look like, as we may still be social distancing.  But Father Mark will have a great plan, and program in place!

February Video


Jenny Chadima found herself lost, hopeless and in the dark after her father’s death. She turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, only to find things getting worse.

After hearing a whisper from God, she realized she needed to come back to church for help and healing. It was through helping others and finding time in quiet prayer that she started to encounter God in a very personal way.

Then…God started the healing process.



Recent Video


Gineal Schrunk is a history teacher at Xavier High School. She will share how God has guided her in answering one of the most pressing questions of youth: “What will I do with my life?”

Through her fumbling’s, she learned to perceive God’s guidance in discerning her vocation and career. God used her thirst for greater understanding to help deepen intimacy with her in prayer.

Submitting to His will, has brought her peace and confidence through a growing understanding of His Divine Providence.




How CEO Began

The story of how it began in 2011…

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