How We Evangelize – Outreach

P1020768We will work within the structure of the archdiocese and each church’s faith formation commissions. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will build unified teams at each parish, who will become soldiers for Christ. Each team will consist of 4-7 people at first and will grow rapidly as we invite everyone to be a part of this mission. We are  sometimes asked, “How are you able to consistently draw 300-500  at your monthly outreach gatherings?” There are no secrets, simply personal invitation and prayer. It is the combined action of ordinary people who welcome all to come and hear!


Evangelization Plan

  • Built on the simple concept of “friends trust friends,” we must nurture friendships.  Friendship is the original model of evangelization and establishes trust and mutual respect. This brings about openness and acceptance that leads to a productive dialogue.
  • Pray for people we are trying to reach. Prayer opens our hearts to God and his ways.
  • Tell your story. Despite how ordinary you think it is, people will relate to your journey and be inspired by it.
  • Monthly outreach gatherings, including witness talks. Testify to Christ and speak about your relationship with Him and the church. Each speaker will focus on a topic, such as improving our prayer life, strengthening our marriage, struggling with our selfish nature, and coping with depression, abuse, or anger. 


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