Job Responsibilities for Parish Outreaches:


First and foremost each member of this team and eventually everyone in the church community is called to discipleship. We must all be united in this common cause of evangelization. Each team member should recruit people to his or her team and to this cause.

Parish prayer support: Key person as we will need constant prayer support to have the courage, conviction, and knowledge to witness and speak to people about Jesus Christ. This person is asked to pray daily for the success of the evangelization success and encouraged to recruit others to be prayer warriors.

Parish leader: This person is the church representative for the evangelization team. He or she is responsible for building a team, nurturing and training this team.

Outreach: Focused on evangelization and discipleship. Every person in the church should one day feel the need and desire to do this.

Ministry: Focused on communicating with the existing ministries already available in your church. Helping to plug people into a ministry.

Fellowship: Organize the food-drinks, set up, and clean up of the outreach evening at your church.

Music: For song at the church on the outreach evening.

Follow-up: This person receives all the invitation cards for your parish and divides the names up to the team. Follow-up is a key and challenging job. Everyone on the team will join the effort on follow-up. We want to get people plugged into a ministry or something to stimulate daily growth in their faith.

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